Fakultät für Soziologie

Lutz Leisering Ph.D.

Professor of Social Policy

Director/principal investigator of the Institute for World Society Studies and the Bielefeld Graduate School in History and Sociology (BGHS) (Excellence Initiative by the German Government)

Fields of research:

  • International and comparative social policy, theory and history of the welfare state, policy analysis and analysis of social problems
  • Old-age pensions and intergenerational relationships
  • Poverty and social exclusion
  • Global social policy
New research group "Social Security as a Global Human Right" (FLOOR)
University of Bielefeld
Department of Sociology
P.O.Box 10 01 31
33501 Bielefeld

Tel.: +49 (0)521-106-3994
Private: +49 (0)521-8989789 lutz.leisering@uni-bielefeld.de

Office hours:
Office hours in summer term 2016:
Tue 15-16
Room: X-C2-221

Ms. Lück
Tel.: +49 (0)521-106-6911; Fax: -6474
Room: X-C2-218


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