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Campus Life 

Bielefeld University is an excellent place - not only for your studies but also for your leisure time and for the breaks in between lectures. Whatever you are interested in, be it sports, music, the arts or the involvement in political or social groups, the great variety of activities, clubs and events on campus make it quite impossible to get bored. Joining clubs and taking part in sports also offers great opportunities to find new friends and to settle in more easily.



Uni Sport - Beach Volley Ball
Doing sports is free of charge for students and you can join all kinds of sports groups - football, basketball, lacrosse, tennis, various dancing styles, martial arts, swimming, ballet, fitness ... More information can be found here:
-> Sport

If you prefer going to the gym, you can join the
-> UNIFIT on campus.

Music and Radio 

Uni Chor Gruppe

Bielefeld University has its own University Choir and University Orchestra. If you enjoy singing or playing an instrument, find out more on the following Internet pages.
And if you only like to listen, this tip is for you as well!

Students at Bielefeld University have also been running their own radio station since December 2000. Just tune in to Hertz 87.9 and enjoy!

-> Campus Radio (in German)

Further cultural offers

Uni Kunst

Apart from University Choir and Orchestra concerts, many other cultural events take place at the university wich are organised by the Centre for Aesthetics. Once a week, the Unikino offers great films at a budget price in one of the lecture halls. "Die Feuerzangenbowle" starring Heinz Rühmann is particularly legendary. If you're in Bielefeld during the winter semester, be sure not to miss it in December! There are also Theater Groups presenting their works, bands playing in the main university hall, a wide range of facilities at the Ästhetisches Zentrum, and lots more ...
There's bound to be something you'll like!

Eating on Campus 

Nobody should study on an empty stomach and that is why there are many places in Bielefeld University where you can get a snack or a proper meal. The main canteen is called "Mensa" and students can choose between 4 to 5 menus and a wide range of salads from Mondays to Fridays. There is always a vegetarian option and prices vary between 1,90€ and 3,50€ depending on the meal you choose. Salads at the salad bar are sold by weight.
You can find the menu here:
-> Mensa Menu


Kira van Bebber

Bielefeld University's library is one of the most modern in Germany and particularly convenient for the user. It is stocked with more than 2 million books and electronic media and subscribes to about 5,300 national and international periodicals. All departmental libraries are linked together both spatially and by computer. Most books and media items are on open shelves and easily accessible to the public. On request, any books or journal articles that are not available in the library can be ordered via interlibrary loan from other academic and public libraries in Germany. WLAN throughout the library provides access to the Internet from your own laptop. The librarians offer an introductory course on how to use their facilities at the beginning of each semester. All libraries are situated on Level 1 of the university building and are also open to the general public. Most books may be borrowed and taken out for what is usually a four-week lending period.

Opening hours:
Mo-Fri: 8:00 am − 1:00 am Sat, Sun, and public holidays: 9:00 am − 22:00 pm

-> Our library

Computing Centre (HRZ) 


In the university computing centre (Hochschulrechenzentrum-HRZ) terminals with internet access are available to the students. Every semester the HRZ offers introductory and training course. Apart from this, every faculty has its own computers, which are connected with the HRZ.

-> Computing Centre (in German)

Study fees for international students?

Policymakers in NRW are currently discussing whether to introduce study fees for certain groups of international students.

Up to now, however, there is neither a corresponding law nor any draft legislation.

-> more...


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International Summer German Courses

Do you already know the international Summer German Courses at Bielefeld University? They take place every August and you can choose among different language levels and themes.
Get more information on the
-> Summer German Courses.

German Courses for international students and employees in English speaking study programs and contexts

Even if you are able to conduct most of your studies in English or your native language, a basic command of German may be helpful during the course of your stay in Germany. At PunktUm, you can select from a number of different German language courses to achieve this. .
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-> German Courses.