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ERASMUS and Cooperation Students 

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The EU established the ERASMUS Programme in 1987 to increase the mobility of European students, to strengthen the cooperation between European universities, and so further the integration of Europe.
All Bielefeld faculties maintain ERASMUS+ Cooperations with various European partner institutions. In addition to that, the Faculty of Sociology participates in the ERASMUS+ programme Mobility with Partner Countries beyond Europe. Find further information about -> Mobility beyond Europe.


Students who are officially nominated by their home university coordinators to the International Office of Bielefeld University will receive a mail with information in regard to the online registration.

We send out letters of admission a few weeks after having received the printout of the online registration, i.e. application of admission (Antrag auf Zulassung).

For more information please see the Information Sheet for Erasmus/Cooperation Programs in our -> Download Area.



Before leaving your home country 

  • Get a proof of health insurance , e.g. European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).
    Read more about -> Health Insurance.

  • If you need a visa: Apply for a study visa at the German embassy or consulate general in your home country as soon as you have received your ‘Zulassungsbescheid’ (letter of admission). In this case you also need to bring a proof of sufficient financial means (e.g. scholarship letter or bank statement).
    Read more about -> Visa and Resident Permits.

  • Have passport photos taken.



After arrival in Bielefeld 

  • For enrolment at the University of Bielefeld please bring: a proof of your health insurance, semester fee, a copy of your passport and of your visa (if applicable).

  • About a week after your enrolment, you will receive a datasheet by mail (the so-called ‘Leporello’) with registration certificates ( ‘Immatrikulationsbescheinigung’). Use this to get your student card from the ‘Zentrale Leihstelle’ (room A1 − 151).

  • Register with the city authorities (Bürgerbüro, Neues Rathaus).

  • Students, who have a visa, also need to apply for a study permit after they are enrolled at the university and registered with the city. For a study permit they need a proof of financial means and a biometric ID photo. Read more about
    -> registration.



Free Time Activities & Campus Life 

To help to get know the region as well as people in your new surroundings, the International Office organizes a number of social events and excursions. Several trips for one or more days to cities in the area or in other parts of Germany are offered each semester, as well as film and other festivals.
Check all of our -> Campus Activities.



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ERASMUS exhibition 2019

You are cordially invited to the ERASMUS exhibition from 9.1 − 6.2.2019

Find more Information on the
-> official flyer


Important documents, brochures and event programs for Erasmus and other cooperation students
-> to download.