Center for Interdisziplinary Research

Web Epistemics - How the Web shapes what we believe and know, how we learn and what we are

Date: Febuary 15 - 17, 2012

Convenors: Beat Bächi (Bielefeld), Philippe Blanchard (Bielefeld), Philipp Cimiano (Bielefeld), Santo Fortunato (Espoo, Finnland)

The World Wide Web (WWW) has had a tremendous impact on all aspects of our life. It has catalysed crucial changes in the way we produce, circulate and consume information and knowledge. It has affected dramatically the way we search for and filter information as well as our learning behaviour and strategies. It has also deeply impacted the way we establish and maintain personal relationships and the way we communicate with each other. One drawback of this decentralization and lack of control is the fact that there is an increasing amount of “noise” available on the Web, making it difficult to discern high-quality content from background “twitter”. Filtering information has in fact become a central task in our modern society. A glance into the history of knowledge reveals that this phenomenon is by no means without predecessors. Societies have always had to develop strategies to select, organize, disseminate or even systematically eradicate knowledge from collective memories.

David Clark (Newbury), Claudia Göbel (Bielefeld), Marko Grobelnik (Ljubljana), David Gugerli (Zürich),
Krishna Gummadi (Saarbrücken), Carsten Jürgens (Bielefeld), Clemens Heinrichs (Bielefeld),
Marcel Jacobsmeier (Bielefeld), Yvonne Kammerer (Tübingen), János Kertész (Budapest),
Mark Klein (Cambridge, MA), Hergen Köhler (Bielefeld), Alexandros-Andreas Kyrtsis (Athen),
Vittorio Loreto (Rom), David Nicholas (Newbury), Rebecca Mertens (Bielefeld), Matis Nolte (Bielefeld),
Romualdo Pastor-Satorras (Barcelona), Daniela Pscheida (Dresden), José Ramasco (Palma de Mallorca),
Helge Ritter (Bielefeld), Theo Röhle (Paderborn), Arne Rogg-Pietz (Kiel), Thomas Schildhauer (Berlin),
Mariangeles Serrano (Barcelona), Luka Stopa (Ljubljana), Stephan Wieschebrink (Bielefeld)

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