Center for Interdisziplinary Research

ZiF Workshop

Compliance? Yes, No, Maybe
The Law and Economics of Competition Law Compliance Programs

Date: 6 - 7 November 2015

Convenor: Johannes Paha (Gießen, GER)

Price fixing, market sharing, and customer allocation agreements are as prevalent as ever. However, a rising level of fines and re-payments for damages reduces their profitability for the firms, who increasingly engage in compliance measures aimed at preventing competition law violations. The workshop brought together compliance researchers from different fields: Economists presented payment schemes that prevent misconduct, while psychologists showed which character traits help to ensure compliant conduct. Legal scholars argued that sanctions imposed on the misbehaving employees may be more effective than a criminalization of the firms. The researchers identified a need for further research on the question whether firms should be incentivized to invest in compliance measures by promising them reductions of the fines imposed on anticompetitive conduct.


Kai Bauch (Düsseldorf, GER), Volker Böhm (Bielefeld, GER), Victoria Daskalova (Tilburg, NED), Stefan Frübing )Mannheim, GER), Marieke Funck (Gießen, GER), Daniel Herold (Gießen, GER), Kai Hüschelrath (Mannheim, GER), Anja P. Jakobi (Egham, GBR), Peter Kotzian (Düsseldorf, GER), Markus Lohmeier (Düsseldorf, GER), Günter Maier (Bielefeld, GER), Bernd Marcus (Hagen, GER), Agnieszka Paruzel (Bielefeld, GER), Andreas Ransiek (Bielefeld, GER), Per Rummel (Bonn, GER), Denise Scheld (Gießen, GER), Ulrich Schwalbe (Stuttgart, GER), Daniel Sokol (Gainesville, USA), Thomas Stöber (Düsseldorf, GER), Sandra Swoboda (Münster, GER), Florence Thépot (Glasgow, GBR), Korbinian von Blanckenburg (Lemgo, GER), Florian Wagner-von-Papp (London, GBR), Elke Kottmann (Lemgo, GER)

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