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Prof. Dr Véronique Zanetti

Executive Director

Véronique Zanetti ZiFUniversity
Office: ZiF 212 X A4-254
Phone: +49 521 106-2797 +49 521 106-4595
Secretary: +49 521 106-2796 +49 521 106-6949
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Véronique Zanetti, born in Lausanne (SUI), is a philosopher and has held a professorship at Bielefeld University since 2004. Her research focuses on the philosophy of international relations. This branch of philosophy addresses, among others, questions of migration, secession, global poverty, justification of military power and their normative implications for the moral rights and duties of states and other international actors. Hence, there are close contacts to other disciplines, notably international law, political science and sociology.

Véronique Zanetti is a member of ZiF's Board of Directors and Executive Director of ZiF.



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