ZiF Cooperation Group

Multiscale Modelling of Tumour Initiation, Growth and Progression: From Gene Regulation to Evolutionary Dynamics

September 2016 - December 2016

Convenors: Niko Beerenwinkel (Basel, SUI), Haralampos Hatzikirou (Braunschweig, GER), Barbara Klink (Dresden, GER), Tyll Krüger (Wrocław, POL), Martin Nowak (Cambridge, USA), Jens Stoye (Bielefeld, GER)
Talks from the conference
  • Quaid Morris: Reconstructing Tumor Phylogenies
  • Robert Noble: Controlling Drug Resistance With Adaptive Therapy
  • Katharina Jahn: New Perspectives in Reconstructing Mutation Histories From Single-cell Data
  • Linda Sundermann: Subclonal Reconstructions Based on Single Nucleotide Variants and Copy Number Aberrations Using Onctopus
  • Marzena Dołbniak: Causes of Cell Cycle Length Variability-environmental or Hereditary?
  • Serge Galam: Why Rare Events Occur all the Time
  • Anne Dirkse: Mathematical Modelling for State Transitions in Glioblastoma
  • Triantafyllos Stylianopoulos: Dissecting Cancer Mechanics Through Continuum & Multiscale Modelling
  • Monika Piotrowska: Tumour-immune System Interactions Model With Distributed Delays: Parameter Estimation
  • Juan Carlos López Alfonso: Mathematical Modelling of Tumour-immune System Dynamics
  • Antonio Bru Espino: Neutrophilia as a Treatment Against Solid Tumours
  • Etienne Baratchart: Mathematical Modelling of Metastatic Dissemination and Growth
  • Clemente Fernandez Arias: A Short Introduction to Algorithmic Cell Biology
  • Heiko Enderling: Personalizing Cancer Therapy Using Simple Mathematical Models
  • Urszula Foryś: The Role of Cell Competition in Acquired Chemotherapy Resistance
  • Jan Poleszczuk: Radiation Response on Different Scales: Abscopal and Bystander Effects
  • Bartlomiej Waclaw: Genetic Diversity in Tumours
  • Michel Mittelbronn: Gliomagenesis: Functional Consequences of (epi-)genetic Defects
  • Jeff Gerold: Metastatic Cancer Phylogenies: Modelling, Inference, and Benchmaking Under Neutrality
  • Mathilde Badoual: Modeling Glioma Growth: From Data to Equations
  • Barbara Klink: Vom Tumor-Genom zur maßgeschneiderten Krebstherapie (Public Lecture)
  • David Wedge: The Life History of 2,623 Tumours
  • Trevor Graham: Quantifying Clonal Selection in Cancer From Genomic Data
  • Michael Seifert: Tumour-specific Identification of Clinically Relevant Gene Copy Number Mutations
  • Mark Robertson-Tessi: Impact of Tumour Plasticity and Microenvironmental Selection on Drug Resistance
  • Nicola Aceto: Dissecting Cancer Metastasis Through the Analysis of CTCs
  • David Wedge: Reconstructing the Phylogeny of Genomic Tumour Evolution
  • Shaon Chakrabarti: Inferring Drug Effects on Cancer Evolution and Heterogeneity: From Bulk to Single Cells
  • Alex Gavryushkin: Gene Interactions: A Geometric Approach
  • Thomas Buder: Model-Based Evaluation of Spontaneous Tumour Regression in Pilocytic Astrocytoma
  • Marta Leocata: A Mathematical Model for the Primary Tumour of mCRC
  • Ewa Szczurek: Modelling Metastasis Formation
  • Roman Jaksik: Detection of DNA Replication Origins Based on Mutation Patterns of Cancer Cells
  • Martin Friesen: Birth-and-death Evolutions in Random Evironments
  • Elias Aifantis/Haralampos Hatzikirou: Transdisciplinary Principles of Tumour Growth
Conference Programme