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Emotions and Pictures

Date: July 1 - July 23, 2004
An Exhibition by Disabled Artists from Lydda / Bethel
A. Brunschön, o.T.
Antje Brunschön, no title, black Tempera

This exhibition was presented in context with the Research Group Emotions as Bio-Cultural Processes, which aims at establishing a bridge between natural sciences, social sciences and the Humanities in the research of emotions. The Fellows of the Group see emotions as results of complex biological, social and cultural interactions und look for ways to analyse and describe these.
The artists from Bethel have a completely different way to conceptualize emotions. They don't use words but act creatively with their bodies. However, both bring emotions on paper.

More than 200 people living in Bethel or being cared for ambulantly are creatively active and Lydda offers them extensive possibilities. With its studios, workshops and exhibition rooms, Lydda is a meeting place as well as a place for artistic expression, in which the forms of work are always reciprocal in that artists assist in the work of the disabled with the aim of advancing their individual possibilities of expression.

H.O. Meyer, Der Zorn Gottes
Hermann-Otto Meyer, Der Zorn Gottes, oil on canvas

The rational approach of science and the intuitive approach of art will meet in a special workshop at the ZiF. Fellows of the Research Group will try out this other way of dealing with emotions in that they will paint together with teh disabled artists for a few days. Some of the works that emanate from theis experience will be integrated into the exhibition at a public medissage on Friday, July 16 at 6 p.m. On this occasion, Jan Hoet, director of the MARTa-Museum in Herford and artistic director of the documenta 9, will deliver a celebratory speech.

Bild von M. Casimir

Bild von M. Haimbucher

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