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Waste Oil Paintings

Vernissage: September 21, 11:30

Exhibition: September 21 - October 20, 2008

Artist: Jochen Stenschke (Berlin/Bielefeld)

In his exhibition Speicher Jochen Stenschke presented - sometimes large-sized - paper-art, painted with old machine oil. The used oil soaks the paper showing delicate shades of grey through capillary threads. The extent of this is determined by the artist who controls the process by means of wax crayon. A complex situational potential emerges in which he tries to get to the bottom of and saves the continuity and discontinuity of time and space.

K1, 2007, 65 x 100 cm

10. Erinnerungsspeicher
10. Erinnerungsspeicher (4), 2003

25. flow
25. flow (9), 2006

Introduction by Christiane Heuwinkel (German only)

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