ZiF Art

Zwischen Nähe und Distanz - Landschaften im 21. Jahrhundert

Vernissage: August 30, 11:30
Exhibition: August 30 - October 16, 2009
Artist: Achim Beier (Bielefeld)

Achim Beier's work deals with landscape painting which has been developing and changing since the 15th century. Even in the early 19th century it was low-level on the hierarchy of the arts. Achim Beier shows a continuity also in the 21st century without losing authenticity. The - seemingly innocuous - pictures document the changing perspective of mankind.

The artist makes use of a photo camera to ‚capture' a view ‚on-site'. The camera corresponds to an alienated - but at the same time familiar - viewing pattern. The drawing - and finally the painting - are then produced in the artist's workshop. Up to the 19th century, landscape painting was done in the atelier on the basis of detailed plans or construction forms to transfer space, perspective or symbolic messages. Achim Beier's rather naturalistic pictures of landscape and nature - with and without man and creature - take this long tradition into account. Pictorial design of branches may be reminiscent of Japanese woodcarvings, just as foliage reminds us of an impressionistic painting and pine trunks of the Worpswede art school. On account of detail, line, contrasts, inconsistency we finally see a present-time picture.
Dr. phil. Ingeborg Besch

Nonnenbusch (bei Etteln)
Nonnenbusch (bei Etteln), 2008, öl/Lw, 120 x 80 cm
Zwei Rehe im März
Zwei Rehe im März, 2008, Acryl/Öl/Lw, 145 x 190 cm
Erinnerung an eine Bergwanderung
Erinnerung an eine Bergwanderung, 2004/2005, Öl/Lw, 180 x 250 cm