ZiF Art


Vernissage: November 1, 11:30
Exhibition: November 1 - December 18, 2009
Artist: Hinrich Schmieta (Bielefeld)

Haut, tape, 220x55x20 cm

Hinrich Schmieta's work deals with the difficult aspects of defining artwork in the context of contemporary production and merger against the background of a globalizing world economy. He does so by adopting different positions and roles - e.g. from that of a workman to that of an artist who fills his home with his paintings and sculptures just as Rubens or Donald Judd had done, from the position of a builder of autobuses and constructions to that of a do-it-yourselfer and vice versa, from that of a scientist and webdesigner to that of a superstar. He is probably particularly good at that since - in the course of his life - he has acquired and practiced varying abilities where craftmanship, art, modern telecommunication and information technologies as well as sciences have been overlapping.
Dr. Irene Below (summarized version)