ZiF Art

Mental Space

Vernissage: January 20, 19:00
Exhibition: January 20 - March 5, 2010
Artist: Martin Scholz (Bünde)



A great number of Martin Scholz’ pictures are characterized by heads, shapes of heads, or fragments of heads. Heads representing the reduced presence of the human being offer an infinite number of possibilities of formulating an emotional expression, implant it into the framework of the picture and bring its influence to bear.

The head as the archaic basic form, emphasizing the horizontal line of the eye area, the vertical line of the nose curve. The head in its exterior form as an arch, as a case, a bowl, as inhabitable shell.

Imagine light flowing from the mouth, a blue flame licking from the head, eyes turning inward – a manifestation of concentration and reflection.

The abstractions in Martin Scholz’ pictures are always concrete in origin. They are related to the objects, but they have undergone a transformation through painting and developed pictorial individuality.