ZiF Art

SELF, lived

Objects and Installations

Vernissage: January 15, 11:30
Exhibition: January 15 - March 2, 2012
Artist: Annie Fischer

In her objects and installations, the Stukenbrok-based artist Annie Fischer thematizes the crux of a human in a society where individual fulfilment has mutated into a leitmotif. You have to be yourself – no matter how!

In the 1950ies it was almost a liberation to escape the narrowness of the bourgeoisie, today, however, we face the tiresome task of leading a self-fulfilled life that has to be interesting at all cost.

In doing so we frequently have an agenda that is other-directed. We are being (self) lived.

Annie Fischer, born in Detmold in 1967, was trained as a weaver of pictures in Denmark, afterwards she studied textile design at the university of applied sciences Haandarbejdets Fremmes Seminarium Copenhagen. Since 1994 she has been working free-lance.

Introduction by Dr. Cordula Fink-Schürmann

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