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Vernissage: 14 June, 11:30

Exhibition: 14 June - 25 September 2015

Artist: Rolf Wicker (Berlin, Küsserow)

The focus of Rolf Wicker's work is on room-specific installations, almost always designed and manufactured for a specific place, quite often directly on-site.

Indoors and outdoors of the ZiF, installative situations are created by using the relevant wood constructions linked with tension belts and/or clamps which are held together autonomously by pressure and traction, at the same time, however, they may suggest associations with construction and restructuring measures through the fact that they are related to architecture and materiality.

The installations are supplemented by watercolours, prints and drawings.

Sketches of the exhibition

Bild Rolf Wicker

Bild Rolf Wicker

Bild Rolf Wicker

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