Making Choices II


Edited by J. Frohn, W. Güth, H. Kliemt und R. Selten

München: Accedo Verlagsgesellschaft mbH 2001, 399 pages, ISBN 3-89265-045-4

Emanating from the ZiF:Workshop 'The End of Making Choices' of August 17 - 19, 2000.


  • A. Diederich: Decision Time as Measure of Conflict Strengthin Individual Risky Decision Making?
  • M. Königstein: Optimal Contracting
  • B. Vogt, A. Uphaus, W. Albers: Numerical Decision
  • W. Güth, M. Königstein, N. Marchand, K. Nehring: Trust and Reciprocity in teh Investment Game with Indirect Reward
  • J. Avrahami, Y. Kareev: Effects of Predictability on Preferences
  • W. Güth, J. Kovacs: Why do people veto? An experimental analysis of the evaluation and the consequences of varying degrees of veto power
  • M. Ahlert, A. Crüger, W. Güth: How Paulus Becomes Saulus
  • O. Kirchkamp, R. Nagel: Repeated Game Strategies in Local and Group Prisoners' Dilemmas Experiments: First Results
  • J. Avrahami, W. Güth, Y. Kareev: Predating Predators: An Experimental Study
  • M. Albert, W. Güth, E. Kirchler, B. Maciejovsky: Exploring Behaviour: An Ultimatum Experiment
  • M. Albert, W. Güth, E. Kirchler, B. Maciejovsky: Will Cooperators Manage To Cooperate? - Experimental Evidence