Center for Interdisziplinary Research

Knowledge and the World

Challenges beyond the Science Wars


Edited by M. Carrier, J. Roggenhofer, G. Küppers, P. Blanchard

The Frontiers Collection
Berlin: Springer-Verlag 2004, 327 pages, ISBN 3-540-21009-1

Emanated from the ZiF:Workshop "World and Knowledge".


  • Alan Sokal & Jean Bricmont: Defense of a Modest Scientific Realism
  • Howard Sankey: Scientific Realism: An Elaboration and a Defense
  • Holm Tetens: Scientific Objectivity with a Human Face
  • Stanley B. Barnes: On Social Constructivist Accounts of the Natural Sciences
  • Martin Carrier: Experimental Success and the Revelation of Reality
  • Günter Küppers: True is What is Considered True - What is Considered True is True

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