Center for Interdisziplinary Research

Trust and Community on the Internet

Opportunities and Restrictions for Online Cooperation
(= Special issue 1/2004 of "Analyse und Kritik, Zeitschrift für Sozialtheorie")


Edited by Michael Baurmann and Anton Leist as well as Bernd Lahno and Uwe Matzat as guest editors
Stuttgart: Lucius & Lucius 2004, 316 pages, ISSN 0171-5860

Emanating from the ZiF: Workshop Trust and Community on the Internet in July/August 2003.


  • H. de Vos: Community and Human Social Nature in Contemporary Society
  • B. Lahno: Three Aspects of Interpersonal Trust
  • H.-W. Bierhoff/B. Vornefeld: The Social Psychology of Trust with Applications in the Internet
  • U. Matzat: Cooperation and Community on the Internet: Past Issues
  • V. McGeer: Developing Trust on the Internet
  • P. Pettit: Trust, Reliance, and the Internet
  • R. Hardin: Internet Capital

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