Center for Interdisziplinary Research

Endophysics, Time, Quantum and the Subjective

Proceedings of the ZiF Interdisciplinary Research Workshop


Edited by Rosolino Buccheri, Avshalom C. Elitzur, Metod Saniga

Singapore: WorldScientific 2005, 609 pages + CD-ROM, ISBN 981-256-509-4

Emanating from the ZiF: Workshop from January 17 - 22, 2005.

From the Table of Contents:

  • Endophysics:
  • Evolution of Human Knowledge and the Endophysical Perspective (R.Buccheri & M. Buccheri)
  • The Entropy of the Future (G. Jaroszkiewicz)
  • Time:
  • Time, Memory and Consciousness: A View from the Brain (H.J. Markowitsch)
  • A Structure of Experienced Time (I.M. Havel)
  • Becoming, Events and the Ontology of Physical Theories (M. Dorato)
  • Quantum:
  • Quantum Measurement Act as a Speech Act (J. Schneider)

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