Center for Interdisziplinary Research

Public Health Genetics

Experiences and Challenges

Community Genetics

Edited by Angela Brand and Peter Schröder

Basel: Karger Verlag 2006, 75 pages, ISBN 3-8055-8011-8

In connection with the ZiF: RG Public Health Genomics


  • A. Brand, P. Schröder: Public Health Genetics - Experiences and Challenges
  • N.A. Holtzman: What Role for Public Health in Genetics and Vice Versa?
  • M. Gwinn, M.J. Khoury: Genomics and Public Health in the United States: Signposts on the Translation Highway
  • I. Blancquaert: Managing Partnerships and Impact on Decision-Making: The Example of Health Technology Assessment in Genetics
  • P. Dabrock: Public Health Genetics and Social Justice
  • W. van den Daele: The Spectre of Coercion: Is Public Health Genetics the Route to Policies of Enforced Disease Prevention?

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