Center for Interdisziplinary Research

Linguistic Modeling of Information and Markup Languages

Contributions to Language Technology


Edited by Andreas Witt and Dieter Metzing

Dordrecht u.a.: Springer Verlag 2010, 266 pages, ISBN 978-90-481-3330-7

Emanating from the ZiF Workshop: Modelling of Linguistic Information Resources


  • D. Goecke, H. Lüngen, D. Metzing, M. Stührenberg, A. Witt: Different Views on Markup
  • T. Schmidt: Another Ectension of the Stylesheet Metaphor
  • S. Farrar, D. T. Langendoen: An OWL-DL Implementation of God
  • F. Sasaki: Markup Languages and Internationalization
  • M. Stede, A. Suriyawongkul: Identifying Logical Structure and Content Structure in Loosely-Structured Documents
  • H. Lüngen, M. Bärenfänger, M. Hilbert, H. Lobin, C. Puskás: Discourse Relations and Document Structure
  • J.-D. Kim, T. Ohta, J. Tsujii: Multilevel Annotation for Information Extraction
  • G. Rehm: Hypertext Types and Markup Languages
  • T. Trippel: Representation Formats and Models for Lexicons
  • E. A. Lenz: HTTL - Hypertext Transformation language
  • A. Storrer: Mark-up Driven Strategies for Text-to-Hypertext Conversion
  • A. Mehler: Structure Formation in the Web
  • S. Kesper, U. Mönnich, F. Morawietz: Regular Query Techniques for XML-Documents

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