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Why Europe?

Date: 30 April 2014

Convenors: Philippe Blanchard (Bielefeld, GER), Ulrike Davy (Bielefeld, GER), Dieter Grimm (Berlin, GER)

At present, the public is largely sceptical about the project Europe; 'crisis' has turned into the dominant description of the situation (financial crisis, euro crisis, banking crisis, debt crisis, crisis of democracy, crisis of credibility...). Earlier broad acceptance of the organised Europe has faded. The old reasons for a European integration, i.e. securing peace in Europe, seem to have lost attraction. The younger generation takes peace for granted. With the ZiF-Konferenz 2014 we intend to break away from the current crisis discourse, at the same time, however, we aim at taking seriously the uneasiness involved. At the ZiF-Konferenz 2014 old and new reasons for legitimising a - more or less - united Europe, but also alternative political visions of Europe's future will be discussed.

The annual ZiF-Konferenz is dedicated to a topic of high social relevance. In cooperation with leading scholars in the respective fields, the ZiF Board of Directors invites as speakers international experts. Each lecture will be followed by an extended discussion.

The ZiF-Konferenz is open to the public and takes place in the ZiF plenary hall. Persons interested in attending are requested to let our conference office know in advance.

Europa: Ja – aber welches?
Dieter Grimm (Berlin, GER)

Gab es "Europa" im 19. Jahrhundert?
Willibald Steinmetz (Berlin, GER)

Die Europäische Union – ein blockiertes System? Soziologische Perspektiven
Maurizio Bach (Passau, GER)

Recht und Finalität Europas
Ulrich Haltern (Freiburg, GER)

Warum Europa? Weil es nicht das Problem sondern die Lösung ist!
Wolfgang Schäuble (Berlin, GER)

Re-Imagining Europe: A New Contract of Cooperation
Ummu Salma Bava (New Delhi, IND)

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