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Application for Visiting Fellowships

Please read the FAQs before uploading any files. All fields marked with * must be filled out

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Information on your degree
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Information on your project
Please match your project to at least one area of research covered by BGHS faculty members. This categorisation allows us to look for a potential supervisor for your project.
Please name at least one scientist of the BGHS you would like to establish contact to:

Upload files

Please remember that your upload is only as fast as your internet connection. You can accelerate this process by reducing the size of your file. For technical reasons, the statement of motivation and the curriculum vitae as well as the academic transcripts must be uploaded as one coherent PDF file.

We only accept files in PDF format. You will find assistance in creating PDFs here. We will not consider applications that do not fulfill all formal requirements.

*Research proposal: In the for research proposals you will find all requirements regarding form and content of the project description.

* Master's degree certificate + Master's transcript of records: Please upload your Master's degree certificate + Master's transcript of records as one PDF file. If these are not in German or English, please provide a certified translation.

Declaration of consent

The Bielefeld Graduate School in History and Sociology (BGHS) may use my personal data for the purpose and duration of the selection procedure and may share this data with participating persons.

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