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Bianca Kreuzinger-Janik

Bianca Kreuzinger-Janik  
Room: VHF-113A
Telephone: 0521 106 2811
Email: bianca.kruckemeyer@uni-bielefeld.de



Short CV


since 2013 Doctoral student at the Dept. of Animal Ecology at Bielefeld University, Germany

Doctoral thesis: 'Analysis of the meiofaunal community in moss with focus on food web relationships'
December 2012 Master thesis: 'Depth related effects on a meiofauna community in the periphyton of Lake Erken, Sweden'
2009-2012 Studies in Ecology and Diversity, Bielefeld University, Germany
September 2009 Bachelor thesis: 'Life cycle analysis of the nematode Plectus acuminatus '
2006-2009 Studies in Biology, Bielefeld University, Germany
2004-2006 Studies in Biochemistry, Bielefeld University, Germany


Research Interests

Moss can be found in every corner and grows on all kinds of substrates like soil, stones or wood. It serves as habitat for a wide range of meiofaunal organisms such as nematodes, rotifers and crustaceans, all of which are very important organisms in the food web. This extreme habitat makes high demands on the meiofaunal community because biotic and abiotic factors are permanently changing. The major aim of my study is to investigate the food web relationships between the organisms inhabiting moss on all trophic levels.




Kreuzinger- Janik, B.; Kruscha, S.; Majdi, N. & Traunspurger, W. (2018): Flatworms like it round: nematode consumption by Planaria torva (Müller 1774) and Polycelis tenuis (Ijima 1884). Hydrobiologia 819 (1), 231- 242.

Kreuzinger- Janik, B.; Brinke, M.; Traunspurger, W.; Majdi, N. (2017): Life history traits of the free-living nematode, Plectus acuminatus Bastian, 1865, and responses to cadmium exposure. Nematology 19 (6): 645- 654.

Majdi, N.; Kreuzinger-Janik, B. & Traunspurger, W. (2016):  Effects of flatworm predation on sediment communities and ecosystem functions: a microcosm approach. Hydrobiologia 776 (1): 193-207.

Kreuzinger-Janik B., Schroeder F., Majdi N. & W. Traunspurger (2015): Depth-related effects on a meiofaunal community dwelling in the periphyton of a mesotrophic lake PLOS ONE 10 : e0137793.

Gilarte P., Kreuzinger-Janik B., Majdi N. & W. Traunspurger (2015): Life-history traits of the model organism Pristionchus pacificus recorded using the hanging drop method: Comparison with Caenorhabditis elegansPLOS ONE 10 : e0134105.

Ptatscheck, C., Kreuzinger-Janik, B., Putzki, H. & W. Traunspurger (2015): Insights into the importance of nematode prey for chironomid larvae Hydrobiologia 757 : 143-153.