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Doctoral Programs at the Faculty of Sociology

A variety of doctoral programs are available at the Faculty of Sociology. The Bielefeld Graduate School in History and Sociology (BGHS), a collaboration of the Department of History and the Faculty of Sociology, offers a structured and multifaceted PhD program. It is also possible to complete a doctorate without enrolling in a course of study. In this case, an annual presentation in a relevant colloquium or PhD seminar is required as well as biannual meetings with your supervisor and formal progress reports. The international doctoral programs and doctorates outside a course of study are regulated by the doctoral regulations of 1 July 2015.


Current Information and Events

Opening of Doctoral Procedures at the Faculty of Sociology

On this page you will find the committee term and the deadlines for the submission of the documents for the opening of doctoral procedures.

The following dates are planned for the winter semester 2017/18:

Submission of the documents to the Examination Office (deadline)

    Date 1) 10.10.2017
    Date 2) 14.11.2017
    Date 3) 19.12.2017

Meeting of the Promotions Committee

    Date 1) 18.10.2017
    Date 2) 22.11.2017
    Date 3) 10.01.2018

Please note that dates are obligatory, but can be postponed if unforeseen incident occur.


Checklist "Submitting your dissertation"

You would like to submit your dissertation and are not sure which documents should be attached? This checklist is designed to help you compile the necessary documentation:


eKVV (Course Catalogue of the    Doctoral Program) Examination Office


The Responsible Person at the Examination Office for Doctoral Programs is: Sabine Beiderwieden