Welcome to British and American Studies (Anglistik)

Bielefeld University

Teaching — Research — Student Activities: the Bielefeld British and American Studies department has it all! A small English-speaking world in the centre of East-Westphalia, we offer courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, as well as conduct research in linguistics, literature, language teaching and teacher education.

The British and American Studies department is engaged in four areas of research and teaching, in addition to advanced language instruction:

  1. Linguistics
  2. British Studies
  3. North American Studies
  4. English as a Foreign Language

Besides Britain and North America (USA and Canada), teaching and research activities in these fields also include the language, literatures and cultures of English-speaking Africa, Australia, the Caribbean, India, Ireland, and New Zealand.

Our department is committed to using English in every possible context. Our classes and research activities are not only about English but also in English. We hope you will enjoy being a member of our friendly community.