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Registration for the mentoring-program

InterKontakt is a mentoring programme for international PhD-students or Postdocs that come to Bielefeld University for the first time. The mentors of interKonakt are volunteers, who offer their free time to assist in matters of daily life within the first months of your stay.

If you don't have already a supervisor in Bielefeld for your doctoral thesis or PostDoc stay, interKontakt is then not (yet) useful for you.

If you are just searching for general information about doing a PhD in Bielefeld, please contact

Personal data

What are the main reasons for which you registered at the interKontakt-Program?

I would like to get to know German students and make some new friends!


I'd like to get some help settling in here and finding my way around Bielefeld: finding an apartment, opening a bank account, finding a doctor...


I'll particularly be needing help in the beginning finding my way around the uni: how does the library work, what on earth is the HRZ...


I'd like to practice my German


I don't think I'll be needing much help, but I'd like to have the knowledge at the back of my mind that if I do, I'll have someone to talk to

Please add my email-adress to the mailing list so that I receive current information