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Newsletter March

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In our newsletter you may find all important information regarding the upcoming events of the Welcome Centre, events of Bielefeld University, an overview on current scholarships, grants and career resources, as well as further information on cooperations and international programmes, our available housing offers and happenings in and around Bielefeld.

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Academics in China

On 20 January 2017, we concluded the "Academics in China" annual project with a final workshop. The "Academics in China" workshop series were the first project of the Welcome Centre's "Academics in..." series, following the "Academics in Turkey" pilot workshop in 2014. The series "Academics in..." is a three year project funded by the DAAD StiBet-Doktoranden funding programme.

Academics in China

The aim of the project was to give Chinese junior researchers a platform where they can go into an exchange about their knowledge of the Chinese university system and their experiences as Chinese PhDs, PostDocs and internationally mobile academics in Germany.
Thirteen interested Chinese researchers attended the event and gained further insight into the Chinese academic system, learned about Bielefeld University's cooperation with Chinese Universities and shared and compared experiences with their fellow researchers.

The event was opened by the head of the Welcome Centre Eleni Andrianopulu with a short presentation on the goals and structure of the "Academics in..." series and the current "Academics in China" project.
Next Masako Gröger-Suzuki of the International Office informed the attendees about Bielefeld University's cooperation with the East China Normal University. Afterwards Qiang Li gave a presentation on the Beijing Institute of Technology, followed by Peixin Xian giving a brief insight into her PhD thesis with a presentation on discourse acquisition of Chinese students in Germany (all presentations from the event are linked below).
To conclude the event Peixin Xian (formerly Faculty of Linguistics and Literary Studies at Bielefeld University, now Zhejiang International Studies University), Yedan Li (Faculty of Sociology at Bielefeld University), Qiang Li (Research Institute for Cognition and Robotics "CoR-Lab" at Bielefeld University), and Jiajun Yang (Center of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology "CiTec" at Bielefeld University) shared their experiences and insights on the Chinese and German academic systems, reviewed academic (and other) possibilities after having obtained a doctoral degree and answered questions of PhD students in a panel discussion.

The project series will be continued with the already running "Academics in Africa" workshops in 2017.


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Happy New Year!

We hope you all enjoyed relaxing and joyful holidays and wish you a wonderful new year 2017. Or, as we say in German, Frohes neues Jahr -
we are looking forward to seeing you this year!
Best wishes
Your Welcome Centre Team

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