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Bielefeld University

Over 24,000 students, 13 departments, more than 100 study courses, several Graduate Schools, and everything a student needs on one campus!

Excellent in every aspect

Modern study courses, an outstanding infrastructure, exceptional support services and co-operations around the world - Bielefeld University is an excellent choice. Students are the centre of attention and that is why projects on the improvement of study courses are constantly being established and expanded. This effort was rewarded with a success in the nationwide competition "Initiative for excellent teaching", where Bielefeld University was one of six universities in Germany that was awarded a prize for a unique teaching and study culture.

Perfect conditions for living and studying

Curiosity and commitment are prerequisites for successful studies but very good working conditions are just as important. Bielefeld University provides many advantages which contribute to a beneficial environment for a good working and studying life:

  • A campus university with institutions in close proximity to one another
  • An excellent university library with state-of-the-art facilities (ranked second-best in Germany in the CHE-ranking)
  • Free and extensive WLAN internet access for students
  • Multiple support services for studies and vocational preparation
  • Affordable student accommodation in close vicinity to the campus
  • Diverse cultural and leisure time facilities, numerous parks and the Teutoburg Forest right on your doorstep

Great support for international students

In addition to many services and facilities at Bielefeld University that are available to all students, the International Office offers a wide range of special services to help international students to adjust to their new surroundings.

  • Regular office hours for international students
  • Brother-Sister-Programme: A personal mentoring programme for international students.
  • A varied leisure time programme with many organised trips to cities in Germany, film nights, game evenings etc.
  • Accommodation service: It provides guidance in questions on accommodation and forwards flat offers to students.
  • Study fees for international students?

    Policymakers in NRW are currently discussing whether to introduce study fees for certain groups of international students.

    Up to now, however, there is neither a corresponding law nor any draft legislation.

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    International Summer German Courses

    Do you already know the international Summer German Courses at Bielefeld University? They take place every August and you can choose among different language levels and themes.
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    German Courses for international students and employees in English speaking study programs and contexts

    Even if you are able to conduct most of your studies in English or your native language, a basic command of German may be helpful during the course of your stay in Germany. At PunktUm, you can select from a number of different German language courses to achieve this. .
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    -> German Courses.