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Financial support for international students 

For international students there are several possibilities to finance their studies at Bielefeld University. Besides scholarships and side jobs there are several loans and grants you can apply for as an international student.

Scholarships and grants 

A scholarship is a financial grant for students by an institution. Scholarships are usually tied to certain requirements and are given according to need and achievement in the course of study.

Bielefeld University is not able to give out any scholarships for the financing of students' studies. The University also does not take responsibility for any student whose financing has been interrupted for whatever reason. However, there are several, but limited, possibilities for receiving financial support for a certain group of people and for a short time period.


Basically, with your residence permit (stamp in your passport) you receive a work permit for 120 work days per year. This allows you to work 120 full days (8 hours per day) or 240 half days (up to 4 hours per day). This condition must be noted expressly in the passport by the authorities. Further information regarding jobs and internships can be found on the sites of the -> Student Office [in German].

Please take as well notice of the -> regulations on work permits.

Further information on scholarships and grants are available at the International Office.

Personal consulting on scholarships and grants:
Stefan Schmidt
Room: D0-120
Consulting hours: Tue 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. and on appointment


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