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Flat search

Please keep in mind: Bielefeld University does not provide students with flats/rooms (ERASMUS students and students coming with the university-cooperation are exceptions). Students should look for accommodation on their own. The International Office may provide support, especially to students in English-speaking programs.
There are two possibilities for finding accommodation:

  1. Apply with Studierendenwerk for a room in students' dormitories or to apply at private dormitories. Studentenwerk is an association that provides universities with social service.
  2. Find a private flat or a room (possibly together with other students - flatsharing).

Halls of residence (provided by the Studierendenwerk)

As soon as you are admitted to your course of study, you can apply for a room at the Studierendenwerk via -> Online Application.

Studierendenwerk Bielefeld
Abteilung für studentisches Wohnen
Morgenbrede 2-4
33615 Bielefeld
Tel.: 0521 / 106 88606

  • More information on student accommodation can be found here

Private halls of residence

Besides those provided by the Studierendenwerk, there are other halls of residence which also offer furnished rooms for students:

-> Landlord: BGW, Carlmeyerstr. 1, 33613 Bielefeld, Tel.: 0521/ 880901 -> Landlord: Hollensiek GmbH
  • Residences in August-Bebel-Str. 57 a-c, 33602 Bielefeld
    Luisenstraße 12, 33602 Bielefeld
    Wertherstr. 301, 33619 Bielefeld
    Contact: Hollensiek GmbH (Hausverwaltung)
    Oberntorwall 13-14, 33602 Bielefeld,
    Tel.: 0521/ 965 170,
  • Hollensiek 3, 5, 7
    Administration: Hollensiek GbR
    Hollensiek 3, App. 1
    33619 Bielefeld
-> Landlord: Hausverwaltung Winter
  • Studentenwohnheim Ostmannturm
    Hanns-Bisegger-Str. 7
    33602 Bielefeld
    Contact: Hausverwaltung Winter, Tel.: 0521/ 24389

Private housing market

Both single apartments as well as rooms in flat-shares with other students are offered. In most cases the rooms are offered by private landlords. The rent for a room in Bielefeld amounts to about 180 to 300€ per month.

  • Online
    Private room offers can be found here.
    Or on the other Online-Portals
  • Flat ads in the university
    A multitude of different flat offers in various price categories can be found in the university hall and on floor 1, the so-called gallery.
  • Newspapers
    The local newspapers 'Neue Westfälische' and 'Westfalenblatt' provide many rent offers, especially in the Saturday edition.
    Neue Westfälische: Homepage; Tel: 0521-555-0
    Westfalenblatt: Homepage; Tel: 0521-585-0

Short-term accommodation

In case you have not found a room before coming to Bielefeld, please book a room in students' hostel from abroad in order to have time for further search in the city. This may take some time.


Maren Hartig
International Office
Room D0-138 (main university building)
Tel.: 0521-106-2487


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