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Flat search

Please keep the following in mind:
Bielefeld University does not provide students with flats/rooms (ERASMUS students and students coming with the university-cooperation are exceptions). Students must search for accommodation on theirs own There are two possibilities for finding accommodation. These are they:

  1. To apply with Studentenwerk for a room in students' dormitories, or to apply at private dormitories, see links below. Studentenwerk is an association that provides universities with social service.
  2. To search a private flat or a room (possibly together with other students - flatsharing), see information below.

Halls of residence (provided by the Studentenwerk)

As soon as you have got the approval for your studies you can apply for a room at the Studentenwerk. For this you can send the filled, signed and scanned application to the Studentenwerk, too. So international students also have the possibility to apply for a room from abroad.

  • More information on student accommodation can be found here
  • Application form for student accommodation

Private housing market

Both single apartments as well as rooms in flat-shares with other students are offered. In most cases the rooms are offered by private landlords. The rent for a room in Bielefeld amounts to about 180 to 300€ per month.

  • Online
    Private room offers can be found here.
    Or on the other Online-Portals
  • Flat ads in the university
    A multitude of different flat offers in various price categories can be found in the university hall and on floor 1, the so-called gallery.
  • Newspapers
    The local newspapers 'Neue Westfälische' and 'Westfalenblatt' provide many rent offers, especially in the Saturday edition.
    Neue Westfälische: Homepage; Tel: 0521-555-0
    Westfalenblatt: Homepage; Tel: 0521-585-0

Short-term accommodation

In case you have not found a room before coming to Bielefeld, please book a room in students' hostel from abroad in order to have time for further search in the city. This may take some time.

  • Jugendgästehaus (Guest house)
    Hermann-Kleinewächter-Str. 1
    D-33602 Bielefeld
    Tel. +49 521- 5 22 05-0
  • Kolpinghaus Bielefeld
    August-Bebel Str. 7a
    33602 Bielefeld
    Tel. +49 521- 6 03 63
  • Contact:

    Do you have any questions?
    We can help.
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    Download important documents, brochures and event programmes for degree-seeking students
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