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Department of Philosophy

Philosophy is characterised by a critical analysis of traditional ideas and argumentative work on the fundamental challenges facing us today. Accordingly, studying philosophy leads students through a host of different worldviews and forms of thought, thereby helping to expand their mental horizons. At the same time, students get to know contrary standpoints and mutually contradictory approaches, and they learn to judge their rival claims through critical analysis of their justifications and counter-justifications.

Philosophy at Bielefeld places a strong emphasis on systematic approaches and sets great value on conceptual clarity and rational argumentation. The department's understanding of philosophy also includes the interpretation of classical texts. The goal is to simultaneously apply the positions of the humanistic tradition productively to topical problems and to contribute to developing independent responses in contemporary philosophy.

The Department specializes in those fields of philosophy that are of contemporary significance for the subject. Accents are placed particularly on the following fields of theoretical and practical philosophy:

Theoretical Philosophy Practical Philosophy
Philosophy of Mind Political Philosophy
Philosophy of Science Ethics
Action Theory

The Department of Philosophy commenced teaching in 1971, and currently possesses five professorial chairs and four academic posts. These are joined by a fluctuating number of third-party-funded posts (three posts on 1 July 2010). The Department offers the degree programmes BA in Philosophy and MA in Philosophy as well as a structured postgraduate programme in Philosophy. The Department is also involved in the MA degree programme History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Science and in the BA in Political Science.

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