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Bielefeld School of Public Health (BiSPH)

The Bielefeld School of Public Health (BiSPH) is the oldest and largest academic public health institution in Germany. Founded in 1994, the School has quickly grown to become a distinguished centre of health research and education, both nationally and internationally. The BiSPH, which is unique in many ways, offers a great number of basic and advanced teaching modules and research opportunities in the field of public health.

The BiSPH is the only institution in Germany offering a structured, consecutive degree programme in public health (courses are held in the German language), comprising undergraduate training (Bachelor of Health Communication - Bachelor of Science), graduate-level education (Master of Science in Public Health) and a doctoral programme (Doctorate/PhD in Public Health - please note that, contrary to Anglo-Saxon tradition, the Dr.P.H. degree offered at the BiSPH leads to an academic track equivalent to the PhD). Approximately 700 students are currently enrolled in our basic and advanced courses.

In eight decentralized but coordinated departments, the teaching eight decentralized but coordinated departments, the teaching and research staff of the BiSPH aims to lay the theoretical foundations and impart the practical tools of public health through an interactive and interdisciplinary teaching and learning process. At the same time, BiSPH conducts research in literally all areas of public health.

The 73 staff members at the BiSPH include 57 scientists from various public health fields and from the health professions including epidemiology, medicine, biology, economics, mathematics and statistics, education sciences, health service research, political sciences, psychology, philosophy, and nursing sciences.

The Bielefeld School of Public Health has close links with other national and international agencies, research institutions, and collaborations, thereby forming partnerships that enable it to promote a broad public health perspective. At the international level, the BiSPH functions as a World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre for Child and Adolescent Health Promotion, is a member of the ASPHER (Association of Schools of Public Health in Europe) and cooperates with other universities both in Germany and throughout the world.


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