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Faculty of Law

International - Interdisciplinary - Basic Science Oriented

Founded in 1969, the Faculty of Law at Bielefeld University is one of the medium-sized faculties with about 1600 students and 22 professorships.

In the field of research, the Faculty particularly emphasizes strengthening international competencies and striving towards interdisciplinarity while maintaining productive basic research. Research and (practice-oriented) teaching are conceived as one unity toward which all appropriate activities are oriented.

The teaching at the Faculty of Law focuses on the requirements of the labour market. Special features characterize the specific teaching profile of the Faculty such as the Bielefeld Tutorial System, the comprehensive foreign language programme, the Examinatorium [providing refresher and revision facilities], and, last but not least, the University library that has repeatedly won so many awards.

Available degree programmes are:

Additional courses are offered in, among others:

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Student advice and further information:

Students' own Student Counselling Service
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Central University Student Counselling Service
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