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Universität Bielefeld
Referat für Kommunikation
Postfach 10 01 31
33501 Bielefeld

(+49 521) 106-4145 or -4146
(+49 521) 106-2964



Ingo Lohuis

Foto Ingo Lohuis
Manager of the Communication Office

Tel.: (+49 521) 106-41 45
Room: U 7-115



Eva-Maria Glatz
Foto Eva-Maria Glatz
Assistance and Organization

Phone: +0049 (0)521 106-41 46
Room: U 7-117


Marlies Läge-Knuth
Foto Marlies Läge-Knuth
Assistance and Organization

Phone: +0049 (0)521 106-41 47
Room: U 7-117


Communication Office

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The Communication Office is the section of the Rektor's Office responsible for Bielefeld University's strategic communication policy.

Our goal is integrated communication that will deliver a consistent public image granting both insiders and outsiders a synchronized view of our university. As well as launching central strategies and programmes, we advise individuals, faculties, and institutes. We also offer a wide range of comprehensive services in all our workfields.

"Overview of internal and external target groups and stakeholders - our range of services

  • Consulting
  • Design
  • Information
  • Service
  • Strategy development