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Press Office

The Press Office of Bielefeld University is at the interface between the University and regional, national and international media. We see our role as intermediaries and advisors between the academic world and the media world. We are the first point of call for all questions concerning the media for everyone at the University. We are also the contact persons for journalists in newspapers, magazines, radio, television and digital media.

We publish press information on current topics and establish contacts to academic experts. We advise scientists, bodies and institutions of Bielefeld University on ways to receive more exposure in the media. We develop concepts, research and publish the University's in-house magazines, H1 and BI.research as well as the staff newsletter, uni.intern.

We focus thematically on newsworthy developments and achievements of the University in teaching and research. We report on campus life, above and beyond the vast number of official events on offer. We make the development of Bielefeld University transparent for the media and public.

Our Services for the Media

  • Maintain a press mailing list
  • Answer requests for photographs and images
  • Issue permissions for photo and film shoots
  • Establish contacts with academic experts from teaching and research
  • Respond to media requests
  • Provide Press Briefings for regional, national and international media
  • Organise Press conferences and background discussions for journalists
  • Develop concepts on particular scientific topics

Our Services for Everyone at Bielefeld University

  • Active placement of themes
  • Preparation of relevant themes for regional, national and international media
  • Announce PhD qualification and qualification to become a professor in Germany (Habilitation)
  • Advise on questions concerning the media
  • Digital Photo Library
  • Conception, organisation and chairing of press conferences and talks
  • Press review (print and online)
  • Events Calendar

Press Office Publications


Ingo Lohuis

Foto Ingo Lohuis

Head of Communication Office
Press Spokesperson

Sandra Sieraad 

Foto Sandra Sieraad
Press Officer Head of Press Office
Head of Press Office

Phone: (0521) 106-41 70
Room: U 7-121




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