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Universitätgesellschaft Bielefeld [University Society] - Association of Friends and Supporters of Bielefeld University e.V.

The University Society (UGBI) attends to and assists in the development of Bielefeld University through its association of friends and supporters. In addition to the support of research, teaching and young researchers it plays a major role in forging links between the University, city and region.

You can find the web pages of the University Society (UGBI) here.

Office of the University Society (UGBI)

To support the managing director and board, the UGBI Office is the point of call for members, students, University affiliates and interested parties and organises the society's administration. Applications for funding are also submitted here.

Furthermore, the Office organises the events of the University Society (UGBI). In addition to members' meetings, it organises the awarding of dissertation and doctoral prizes as well as the Karl Peter Grotemeyer prize, for example. The Office supports the management through public relations and promotional strategies.


Geschäftsstelle der UGBI
Phone: 0521 106-673 42
Room: V 7-120


Eva-Maria Glatz

Advisor for UGBI

Tel.: 106-67342
Raum: U 7-114