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Consolidation Module

Teaching project and reflection

Course length: 70 work units

The consolidation module consists of two elements: The teaching project and the teaching portfolio.

In this module you develop your own teaching project based on the foundation module and the practice module. After completion of the course, a written documentation of your teaching project will be published on our home page.

In the teaching portfolio you reflect upon and document your own teaching during the whole course of the Certificate for Higher Education Teaching. To reflect on and conclude the training, you present an excerpt from your teaching portfolio (certificate portfolio).

// Overview of Consolidation module

Teaching project, realisation, sitting in on lectures and evaluation (25 work units)

The teaching project involves developing your own course in view to learning objectives and student' requirements.

You will carry out research on your teaching project according to the motto of "turning a teaching problem into a research question". The starting point is, then, a problem you associate with your teaching, for which you develop a practical solution that can be evaluated empirically. This practical solution should systematically engage with basic insights of Higher Education didactics.

You can discuss ideas for your teaching project with the member of the team from the Centre for Teaching and Learning responsible for the Certificate.

Reflection and further development of teaching project (7 work units)
Upcoming date: 08 march 2018, 10am to 5pm

Dr. Kerrin Riewerts, Dr. Petra Weiß

In this workshop you have the opportunity to get feedback on your teaching project from colleagues and to develop it further. Jointly you develop criteria for a transparent, successful concept. Your teaching project should be as clearly formed as possible when you visit the course, which means that we ask you to submit a written summary of your idea 14 days before the course commences.

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Documentation and publication of the teaching project (15 work units)

The teaching project concludes with a written documentation of the project. This is published online so that other teachers can refer to it and get ideas for their own teaching. On the Teaching and Learning website under teaching concepts from the disciplines you can find a collection of teaching projects which have resulted from our training.

Working with the teaching portfolio (5 work units)
Upcoming date: 10 October 2017 & 11 April 2018, 10am to 3pm

Dörte Husmann, Dr. Kerrin Riewerts

This workshop offers the possibility to further develop your portfolio, depending on the current stage of your draft. As the presentation of your own teaching approach is an important part of your teaching portfolio, we address this theme again. A review offers a good basis for the development of professional perspectives and areas of specialisation.

The central themes are:

  • Teaching comprehension and teaching approach
  • Tasks and roles in teaching
  • Perspectives on future teaching activities
  • Opportunities to use a teaching portfolio

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Creating a teaching portfolio qualifying document (18 work units)

A teaching portfolio contains selected documents of your own teaching activity. This includes the representation of your teaching philosophy, several evaluated courses and further examples that give representative insight into your teaching practice.

The work on your own portfolio over the entire course of the certificate programme should support you twofold: You can reflect on particular working and learning processes as well as document and record your findings. The final documentation of your teaching practice serves not only as a certificate of your participation but can also be used as convincing proof of your teaching competence for further job applications in the teaching profession.

During your participation on the certificate programme you work on your own teaching portfolio. From this, you select several documents and compile these into a certificate portfolio that serves as the certificate of participation.

+Presentation of the certificate portfolio as the conclusion of the whole training
Upcoming date: 25 October 2017 & 03 May 2018, 2pm - 5pm

On completion of the training course you present your certificate portfolio, when you have finished everything else for the certificate. All current and former certificate participants are invited to give collegial feedback.


Please register in advance using the application files provided in the individual information boxes.


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