One-to-One Writing Advice

It is up to you what themes you would like to discuss and clarify. We listen (and give feedback if required) and develop ideas with you on how you can best reach your goals. In the one-to-one writing advice session you can, for example:

  • discuss the structure and aims of your project,
  • plan practical steps and strategies for the interplay of empirical research, scientific context, documentation and writing,
  • focus on time planning and deadlines,
  • prepare for strategic decisions and set priorities,
  • prepare for and follow up communication with supervisors.

We are unable to help you with editing your text (unfortunately we don't have the time), give advice on specific questions of your discipline, or tell you what you should do.

You clarify your situation, we support you in doing this.

You can arrange an appointment by telephone or by email.

Contact: Stefanie Haacke, Phone: 0521 - 106-4698, e-Mail: