Jour Fixe on How to Enrich Teaching With Intensive Writing

Following from an initiative of participants of "Research - Writing - Teaching", the Writing Centre hosts a jour fixe on the role of writing in teaching every third Wednesday of the month. Teachers from all faculties who are interested in the subject, offer writing-intensive courses themselves or have participated in the course "Research - Writing - Teaching" or other events of the Writing Centre are invited to discuss concepts, ideas and questions on the theme of "Writing at University/Higher Education Institute".
The focus of these meeting is on teaching. The Writing Centre offers workshops on particular themes and thematically-open meetings in loose rotation. We only ask participants to contribute to the jour fixe with their own ideas, questions and feedback.

The Format:

The meeting takes place every third Wednesday of the month from 2pm (on the hour!) to 4pm in K5-128. The number and composition of participants varies. The meetings, which are thematically open, are ideal for participants who wish to bring their own issues to the table: a ritualised procedure provides a structure.

If you are interested in participating in these workshops, please send an email to