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Bielefeld University has had its own archive with full-time employees since 1 July 1996. Its remit to accept 'official' documents of faculties and institutes as well as the administration of Bielefeld University was just the beginning. The University Archive is also interested in supplementing its collections with materials of all kinds. It is particularly interested in bequests and collections of academic staff, administrative staff and students of Bielefeld University as well as friends and supporters outwith the University, who have had an important role to play in its relatively short history. These additions to the official record have the potential to be relevant both in terms of the University's history and the history of academic teaching and learning.

For these reasons we are looking for digital and written materials, audio recordings, films, photos of events and special occasions, memoirs, records of experiences, quirky items, and also seemingly insignificant material, so long as it is related to the University. The submission can take the form of a bequest, or permanent loan, of which the terms and conditions can be formalised in a contract. Under certain conditions, photographic materials can be lent to the Archive to make reproductions. The Archive complies naturally to current laws on data protection and personal safety.

If you think you can contribute to our archives in the spirit in which it was founded and is run, we would love to hear from you.

Martin Löning M.A.
Phone: 0521/106-4009
Fax: 0521/106-2964