Consulting Institutions

Questions about European Union funding for projects? Questions about how to patent employees' inventions? There are many fields in which successful planning calls for professional advice. The Dezernat Forschungsförderung & Transfer - FFT [Department for Research Administration and Technology Transfer] is the first address for those seeking such information. Clients needing more detailed advice are referred particularly to the following facilities:

PROVendis GmbH

PROvendis The mission of the PROVendis GmbH is to exploit the market potential of the inventions made at higher education institutions in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). At present, German higher education institutions register only four per cent of all patents per year. To some extent, this is due to the complexity and expense of patent registration procedures. This is where PROVendis steps in with practical counselling and support.


EuroConsultEuroConsult supplements the work of the technology transfer and EU offices at higher education institutions that provide advice on European Union research funding. EuroConsult Research & Education is a lead partner of the NRW Ministry of Science and Research located at the University of Bonn. The focus of its advisory and project activities is the 6th EU Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development and Demonstration 2002-2006.
EuroConsult Research & Education provides a key contact service for specific fields within the programme: life sciences, training and mobility for academics, and international cooperation. Advisory services range from general information on classifying projects to appropriate funding programmes, across assistance in looking for suitable cooperation partners or in making funding applications, up to project management consulting.


EuroInfoCenter The EuroInfoCenter (EIC) informs and advises small and medium-sized companies on developments, initiatives, and programmes in the European Union. The network also offers constructive support in looking for suitable cooperation partners. There are two EICs in NRW: the EIC Mülheim is located in ZENIT GmbH, the Centre for Innovation and Technology in NRW; the EIC Cologne specializes in national and international consulting and is affiliated with the Germany Trade & Invest.