Where to find what in the University main building?

You will find addresses here and the floor plan of the main building (=UHG) here.
Terms - section and level

International Office section C/D level 0

Asta [Student Union] section C level 1/2

Auditorium Maximum [lecture hall] section J level 0

Bielefeld School of Education (BiSEd) section L/U Ebene 5

Centre for Media Services (SCM) section N level 6/7

Centre for Aesthetics section T level 7

University Library

- Inter-Library Loan Department section U level 1

- Information Centre section U level 0

- Administration section U level 3

Entrances to all faculty libraries are located on Level 1 in the sections of the building housing the faculties concerned (with the exception of the Faculties of Biology and Health Sciences; entrances in the towers END and CMD).

Since May 28 2014 Bielefeld University library has two locations: the libraries history, sociology, philosophy, theology, art, earth science and women's and gender studies are in the Building X. All other specialized libraries and facilities of the library, the Central Loan Department and the Information Center remain in the main university building.


- Biology section F/V/W

- Business Administration and Economics section U/V/W

- Chemistry section E/F

- History, Philosophy and Theology section R/S/T/K

- Public Health section E/L/T/U/V level 6

- Linguistics and Literary Studies section C/D

- Department of Art and Music section T level 0

- Mathematics section V/U

- Educational ScienceQ-Building (AG 4 still in section T level 6)

- Physics section D/E

- Faculty of Psychology and Sports Science section T/E/F/S/N

- Law section T/S/U

- Sociology section U/L/T (since May 2014 Building X)

- Technology section C/D/E/M

The faculty administration offices are always on Level 3
(with the exception of Health Sciences)

Research Centre for Mathematical Modelling (FSPM) section V/U level 4

Research Center BiBoS section D level 5

Interdisciplinary Centre of Women's and Gender Studies (IFF) section T level 7

Equal Opportunities Officer section L level 3

Lost and Found Service in the Main-Hall near by the INFO-Punkt, Tel. 0521-106 30 10

University Computing Centre (HRZ) section V level 0

University Sports Officer section F level 0

Mensa - University canteen section A/B level 0

Institute for Didactics of Mathematics (IDM) section V level 6

Institute for the Simulation of Complex Systems (ISKOS) section D/E level 5/6

Institute of Mathematical Economics (IMW) section V/W level 10

Institute for Nursing Sciences section U/V level 6

Institute of Science and Technology Studies (IWT) section T level 6

Institute for Interdisciplinary Research on Conflict and Violence (IKG)
section S level 6

Youth and Apprentice Representation section L level 4

Cash Office, University Cash Office section T level 0 Room 169
opening hours: Mon - Fri 9.00 - 11.00

Contact Office for Academic Further Education section M level 6

Security Service section X E0-206

Staff Council

- Further Staff, section L level 4
- Academic Staff, section C level 4

Press and Information Office section U level 7 room 122

Prüfungsamt für Erste Staatsprüfungen für Lehrämter an Schulen [Examination Office for the First State Examinations for the Teaching Profession] section N level 4

Rektorat section U level 7

Swimming Pool section P level 0

Sports Hall section P level 01

Collaborative Research Centres

- 584 (History) section S level 3

- 613 (Physikcs, Chemistry, Biology) section D level 4

- 673 Alignment in Communication

- 701 (Mathematics) section V level 3

Studierendensekretariat [Student Office] section C level 0

Studentenwerk [Association for Student Affairs]

- General Administration and Student Residence: Administrative Building Morgenbreede 2 - 4

- Grants office section C level 2

Transfer Office section A level 4

University Archives Room: H01-031/H01-032 (H-Building, Morgenbreede 39)

University Administration section U/V level 7/8

Academic Staff Representation section L level 4

Student Advising and Counselling (ZSB) Building X unit E level 1


Maps and Orientation

Plan des Hauptgebäudes
Main Building

New Map Guide (PDF)


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