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Secretary's office: Anja Ebner

Office: university main building (UHG) A3 - 149

+49 521 106-6978 

Next Meeting

October 15, 2014

About the Senate

The senate is one of the central organs of the university. According to §22 of the university law North Rhine-Westphalia the senate enacts the constitution as well as other orders of the university, except for those for which responsibility is regulated otherwise by the faculties. The senate consults in matters of research, teaching and studies which concern the whole university or are from basic meaning.

The Senate consists of 22 voting members: 12 members representing the university professors, 4 members representing the academic staff, 4 members representing the students and 2 members representing the nonacademic staff. Non-voting members of the Senate are the Rektorat, the Head of the AStA [Student Union], Deans, the Equal Opportunities Officer, the Head of the Staff Councils, and the Representative for the Disabled. The term of office is 2 years. The term of office for the members representing the students is 1 year.

For information in accordance with § 17 of anti-corruption law concerning the members of the Rektorat of Bielefeld University, please contact Department II, Mr Nübel (Academic Affairs, office: main university building C0 268, phone: 0521-106-5227).