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The Senate will hold its next meeting on:

Wednesday , 15.10.2014
Wednesday , 19.11.2014
Wednesday , 17.12.2014
Wednesday , 28.01.2015

in each case from 09.15 to 12.00.

Members of the Senate for the period of office from October 1st 2012 to September 30th 2014. Period of office for students October 1st 2012 to September 30th 2013. (in German)


Non-voting members of the Senate are

  1. Rektor,
  2. Vice president,
  3. Chancellor,
  4. Head of the AStA [Student Union],
  5. Dean,
  6. Equal Opportunities Officer,
  7. Head of the Staff Councils,
  8. Representative for the Disabled

The extended Senate was abolished following the introduction of the Hochschulfreiheitsgesetzes [Freedom of institutes of higher education act].