Contact person: Dr. Gerd Meier and Daniele Resta

Secretary's office: Anja Ebner

Office: university main building (UHG) U7 - 238
+49 521 106-6978 

Next Meeting

October 17th 2018

About the Senate

The senate is one of the central organs of the university. In accordance with §22 of the Higher Education Act for North Rhine-Westphalia, the senate is responsible for formulating and amending the constitution as well as other regulations and statutes of the university as long as these are not the responsibility of the faculties. The senate meets to discuss all matters of research, teaching, and studies that concern the university as a whole or are of fundamental importance. Moreover, it can present recommendations and reasoned opinions on drafts of the university development plan, on the university budget, and on the principles for distributing posts and funds to the faculties, central academic institutes, and central services.

The Senate contains 24 voting members: 12 representing the university professors, 4 representing the academic staff, 4 representing the students, and 4 representing the nonacademic staff. Its non-voting members are the Rektorat, the Head of the AStA [Student Union], the deans of each faculty, the Equal Opportunities Officer, the Head of the Staff Councils, and the Representative for the Disabled. The term of office is 2 years. The term of office for the members representing students is 1 year.

For information in accordance with § 16 of anti-corruption law concerning the members of the Rektorat of Bielefeld University, please contact Department SL, Mr Nübel (Academic Affairs, office: main university building C0 268, phone: 0521-106-5227).