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Room management:  
Centrally administered lecture theatres and seminar rooms

Information on room allocation
  •  Current issues
  •  Handbook of room allocation
  •  General information – What is new?
  •  Calendar of course planning
  •  Services
  •  Floor plans

  • Seminar rooms and lecture theatres
  •  Overview of rooms
  •  Overview of main hall
  •  Available rooms
  •  eKVV now! (What is on at the moment?)
  •  Current room changes
  •  Climate control plan
  •  Closure times
    Forms to organise rooms
  •  Booking a room outside of teaching
  •  Applying for a stand in the main  University hall
  •  Keys for seminar rooms
  •  Media equipment
  •  seminar rooms
  •  Media equipment for lecture theatres
  •  To report defects or mistakes

  •  Form for feedback
  •  Contact