Happy Birthday, CITEC!

Making technical systems intuitive to use, away from thick manuals to machines you can talk to and control with a wink, which you can not only endure around you, but like: For ten years now, CITEC has been doing top-class research in this field, which is recognised and appreciated internationally.

The ZiF cordially congratulates CITEC on its first "round birthday"! We are particularly pleased because CITEC and ZiF share a long history of successful cooperation and inspiration.

Topics of interaction and cognition were at the forefront of many successful ZiF research groups, among them: "Competition and Priority Control in Mind and Brain" (2012/13), convened by Werner Schneider and Wolfgang Einhäuser-Treyer, "Embodied Communication in Humans and Machines" (2005/2006), convened by Ipke Wachsmuth and Günther Knoblich, "Emotions as Bio-cultural Processes" (2004/2005), convened by Birgitt Röttger-Rössler and Hans Markowitsch, "Prerational Intelligence" (1993/94), convened by Holk Cruse and Helge Ritter, "Mental Models in Discourse Processing" (1992/93), convened by Christopher Habel and Gert Rickheit, "Mind and Brain" (1989/90), convened by Peter Bieri and Eckart Scheerer, and "Perception and Action" (1984/85), convened by Herbert Heuer and Wolfgang Prinz.

We remember robotic dogs and crawling robots that were on the move in the foyers of the ZiF and artists who, guided by a research group, learned at ZiF to work with an eye tracker or computer simulations.

We wish CITEC every success in its work over the next decade and hope to continue exciting joint projects!