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Determinismus in Physik, Biologie und Neurowissenschaften


Andreas Hüttemann, Introduction
Andreas Bartels, Determinism and the Interpretation of Theories
Tomasz Placek, Indeterminism or Non-locality: a Branching Analysis of the GHSZ Theorem
Thomas Breuer, Determinism and Hidden Causes
Michael Lässig, Chance and Rule in Molecular Biology
Roberta Millstein, How Not to Argue for the Indeterminism of Evolution: A Look at Two Recent Attempts to Settle the Issue
Alexander Rosenberg, Frédéric Bouchard, Beyond Probabilistic Processes: Thermodynamics and Evolutionary Theory
Bruce Glymour, Chancy Selection and Foraging Theory
Marcel Weber, Indeterminism and the Brain
Holger Lyre, Determinism vs. Substantialism in Gauge Theories
Claus Kiefer, Determinism in Classical and Quantum Gravity
Bruno Eckhardt, Chaos and Quantum Physics
Ansgar Beckermann, What would Change if Neurodeterminism were true?


Alexander Altland (Köln), Andreas Bartels (Bonn), Ansgar Beckermann (Bielefeld), Claus Beisbart (München), Frédéric Bouchard (Durham, NC), Thomas Breuer (Dornbirn), Bruno Eckhardt (Marburg), Bruce Glymour (Manhattan, KS), Andreas Hüttemann (Bielefeld), Claus Kiefer (Köln), Ulrich Kühne (München), Meinhard Kuhlmann (Bremen), Michael Lässig (Köln), Manuela Lenzen (Bielefeld), Holger Lyre (Bonn), Roberta L. Millstein (Hayward, CA), Tomasz Placek (Krakau), Alexander Rosenberg (Durham, NC), Manfred Stöckler (Bremen), Marcel Weber (Hannover)

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