Center for Interdisziplinary Research

The Ignorabism Dispute.

Natural Sciences, Philosophy and World-View in the 19th Century

Date: November 25 - 27, 2004
Organizers: Kurt Bayertz (Münster), Walter Jaeschke (Bochum)

From November 25th to 27th 2004, the ZiF was host to the symposion on the Ignorabimus-Controversy. Following the symposia on the Materialism-Controversy and the Darwinism-Controversy it was the last of three coherent meetings concerning the general theme of "Science, Philosophy and Worldview during the 19th Century". The term "Ignorabimus-Controversy" comprehends the debate in the aftermath of a provocative speech the physiologist Emil Du Bois Reymond held in 1872 on the limits of scientific cognition. The impact of this controversy can be traced within mathematics and the sciences as much as in philosophy and poetry of the early 20th century revealing itself as a source of a renewed reflexion.

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