Center for Interdisziplinary Research

Regulating Emotions: Social Necessity and Biological Inheritance

Workshop of the ZiF:Research Group 2004/05

Date: December 16 - 18, 2004
Scientific Organizers: Sven Ismer, Susanne Jung, Stefanie Kronast, Marie Vandekerckhove (all Bielefeld), Christian von Scheve (Berlin)

From December 16 - 18, ca. 30 internationally renown emotion researchers met at the workshop, which had been organized entirely by the Research Group's 'junior scientists', to discuss different aspects of emotion regulation. Even though some participants had to cancel due to illness, the main aim of the conference could be reached, i. e. it was possible to view some of the main questions about emotion regulation from different disciplinary perspectives and discuss critical points with experts from outside the Group. The presentations came from the four main disciplines neuroscience, (developmental) psychology, sociology and social anthropology, as these also play a major role in the overall work of the Research Group. The great interest of all participants in interdisciplinary considerations and discussions was not only highlighted by the very intensive and constructive discussions following the presentations, but also by the fact that the original timeframe of three hours was not sufficient for the final discussion. Thus, the organizers as well as the Fellows agreed with the external participants that the workshop has been a great success and that it has given the Group important new impulses for the last phase of their work.

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